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Silvia Pellicer-Ortín is Associate Professor at the Department of English and German Philology in the Faculty of Education of the University of Zaragoza. Her main research interests are related to contemporary narratives in English, focusing on Memory, Holocaust and Diaspora studies, British-Jewish women writers, and feminism. She published her monograph on Eva Figes in 2015 (Cambridge Scholars). She has co-edited the volumes Trauma Narratives and Herstory, with Sonya Andermahr (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013); Memory Frictions in Contemporary Literature, with María Jesús Martínez-Alfaro (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017); and Women on the Move, with Julia Tofantšuk (Routledge, 2019). She has co-edited the special issues Literature in Vulnerable Times, with Merve Sarikaya-Şen, for the European Review (2021), and Beneath the Waves: Feminisms in the Transmodern Era, with Bárbara Arizti and Silvia Martínez-Falquina, for The European Legacy (2021). She is currently working in the co-edition of a Special Issue on “We Too”: Female Voices in the Transnational Era of Crises, Migration, Pandemic and Climate Change for Women: A Cultural Review, with Julia Kuznetski, and on a Routledge Companion on Literature and Crises with Chiara Battisti and Julia Kuznetski. She is also very much involved in questions concerning EFL teaching and bilingual programmes in Infant, Primary, Secondary and Higher Education.